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iDEE Vehicle Tracking

iDee Vtrak is a Web-based User-Friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution. Using wireless technology it provides real-time vehicle/asset location information and has comprehensive telemetric options. The modular, flexible and scalable architecture can be adapted to any fleet size depending on customer needs. As standard, iDee Vtrak includes an in-built map engine with rich GIS features and comprehensive set of business report. With optional RFID integration, the system can be extended to support applications including Vehicle monitoring, Owner alerts etc.


• Dynamic Status Module
• Multi Level Access
• Administrative Module
• Tracking Module
• Route Monitoring Module
• Vehicle Maintenance Module
• Driver Module
• Report & Analysis module
• Database & Maps
• Mail Scheduler
• Adhoc reports


• Minimize the paper work & manual intervention
• Secured management of the Vehicles remotely
• Helps to understand the utilization of vehicles & their productivity
• A tool that helps to cross check while making payments to drivers based on the trips claimed, Hours on duty etc.
• Brings substantial reduction in maintenance costs
• Geo-Fence as a delivery proof
• SMS based query helps to know vehicle location using a mobile phone and SMS alerts
• Trip analysis and ETA calculation
• Back end integration with customer network
• Ad-Hoc report generator providing unlimited reports functionality
• Improved customer service
• Automated administrative functions.

Security Features:

• Secured, encrypted communication between the Vehicle mounting device and Communication server.
• Optional dedicated Leased line between the Telco Service provider and the Infrastructure for the Data protection.
• Secured infrastructure when configured using Intranet Network.
• Tamper proof Vehicle mounting device.
• Firewall Security between the Host network and external access.
• Support for Vehicle Immobilization.
• SMS Based and Email based alerts.
• Browser based system without any client component.
• Authorized person can access the system anytime, anywhere.
• The control room supports multiple types of VMH units.
• Highly secured data transmission over public network, using proprietary protocol.
• Supports any kind of telemetry inputs like fuel gauge, Temp gauge, door sensor, impact sensor, RFID reader, Fuel lid sensor, load sensor & Driver identification using Dallas button.
• Capacity to store records in case of GSM non availability.
• Proprietary Raster or Vector based map rendering Map Engine.
• Quality reports which can be downloaded as .CSV, Word, Excel, PDF formats.
• Monitoring the errant driving behavior with close monitoring on vehicle movement, Stoppage reports, Ignition On etc on the selected Taxis.
• Close monitoring on Speed Driving, auto triggering event based systems.
• Trip Analysis and Trip Scheduling System.
• SMS based alerts and Enquiry System.
• Accident Analysis system to provide details of the vehicle in motion seconds before accident.
• Options for Emergency button, backup battery, vehicle maintenance & inspection notification, etc…are available.
• Scheduling and reporting on the customized reports.

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